Residential Services

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)

Provides 24-hour support and supervision to individuals living in a shared home in local communities. With support of house personnel, residents are empowered to take ownership of their home, participate in their local community, and learn skills that promote independence,

Intermittent CILA (ICILA)

Helps adults with developmental disabilities reach a higher level of independence by living on their own or in their family’s home. Support through training and direction enhances the individual’s skills and leads to independence and social integration in the community.

Residential Nursing Services

Residential Nursing Services is an integral part of CILAs and ICILAs, as it addresses the need for access, provision, coordination and monitoring of quality health care and specialized services.  Direct service activities provided to 72 individuals includes but is not limited to dispersing medication, conducting wellness visits to all CILAs and ICILAs, scheduling all medical appointments and clinics (i.e. physicals, dental, vision, psychiatric, neurology, PAPS, mammograms, prostate screenings, cardiology, podiatry), transporting individuals to and from medical appointments, monitoring and reviewing all lab work, training staff who work at the CILAs on health care, and maintenance issues to include but not limited to  dietary, nutrition, hygiene, medication management, administration and side effects.

Onsite Medical Clinic

Onsite Medical Clinic at the Sertoma facility in Alsip (includes transportation), offers medical, dental, vision, foot care and other specialized services to ensure access to preventative and maintenance healthcare . The clinic services CILA and ICILA residents.

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