Self-Advocacy: Sertoma United

At Sertoma Centre, we believe that all individuals who receive services have the right to speak up and advocate for their goals and dreams in life.  We encourage people to share about their interests and passions and to speak up for what they need to be successful in life.

When you come to Sertoma Centre, your service coordinator will talk to you about your personal preferences in life and will help you create a service plan that meets your needs and desires.  We believe that all services should be person-centered; that is, people have the right to choose and participate in services that are designed to help them reach their goals and dreams.

At Sertoma Centre, you will be able to participate in self advocacy classes and groups to learn about:

  • How to speak up and advocate for yourself and others
  • Learning about rights, responsibilities and respect
  • Communicating assertively
  • Being a Peer Mentor
  • Leading your ISP/IEP meeting with as much or as little staff support as needed.

We hope you will use your self advocacy skills at Sertoma Centre to:

  • Help develop and create your ISP/IEP
  • Choose the goals and dreams you want to pursue
  • Select the programming in which would like to participate
  • Get involved with agency committees
  • Help train new staff members and consumers
  • Assist in interviewing new staff members and evaluating your current staff

If you would like more information about the Self Advocacy program or groups, please contact Melissa Sands at 708-730-6343 or email her at  You can also contact Lynn King at 708-730-6352 or email her at