Community Mental Health Programs & Services Medicaid Funding

Community Mental Health Programs and Services Offered through Medicaid Funding

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) – Building Skills & Managing Symptoms
The Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program supports people in developing the skills to manage mental illness, socialize with others and decrease reliance on professional supports. PSR groups focus on developing coping techniques for symptom management and increasing skills needed for personal growth through on-site educational groups. Transportation is available for attending PSR groups. PSR also offers community support services that focus on community integration through generalization of skills with support from staff within the community setting. The PSR case management team assists in gaining access to resources needed during the recovery process.

Community Support Team (CST) – Supporting Community Integration
The Community Support Team supports people who are maintaining independence in the community. This support may include identifying and managing independent housing, health and psychiatric needs and services that support recovery. The Community Support Team also aids class members of the Colbert Consent decree to transition into apartments (or other living situations) from nursing homes.

Therapy & Counseling – A Personal Discovery Process
Individual or group therapy and counseling services provide an opportunity for exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviors from the past and in the present. This exploration contributes to gaining insight throughout
the personal recovery process.

Community Based Case Management – Managing Crises & Linking to Services
Community Based Case Management includes crisis, linkage and outreach.  These services are aimed at assisting members of the community who are in a mental health crisis but lack the necessary supports. Crisis workers respond to crisis calls from local emergency rooms and provide crisis intervention and linkage to the necessary services. Case managers continue this process by providing further linkage to mental health services that best meet individual needs.

Employment Services – Community Employment
The Employment Services program supports people with mental illness in obtaining and maintaining employment.  The philosophy of the program focuses on personal strengths and is based on the principle that employment is a route to recovery. The strategy for obtaining employment is through a person-centered process dedicating time and energy toward employment opportunities that are personally meaningful. The strategy for maintaining employment is through a support team including clinical and employment staff.

In order to receive Medicaid-funded services, a person must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be diagnosed with a mental illness
    (recognized by Medicaid Rule 132)
  • Not require 24-hour medical supervision
  • Not currently be harmful to her/himself or others
  • Have an active medical benefit card from Medicaid
  • Meet any spend down required by Medicaid
  • Give informed consent to participate in
    Mental Health Services
  • Have the ability to self-medicate, if medications
    are taken during program hours
  • Meet the Medicaid funding criteria

For information regarding CMHC services, intake information and tours, contact: CMHC Intake Coordinator, or call 708-748-1951 ext. 410.