At Sertoma Centre, we strive to plan strategically and establish annual goals that direct our work throughout the year.  We believe this allows us to be more successful in achieving our mission and providing the highest quality services possible.  It also enables us to successfully take advantage of opportunities that are presented, overcome the obstacles we encounter, and adapt to a changing environment.
In 2011, Sertoma completed a comprehensive strategic planning process with the input of representatives from all stakeholders groups.  Thirteen strategic directions were established and are the focus of our work in the next three to five years.  Annually, goals are established as a means to implement these strategic directions.  The following documents are posted with information regarding our strategic directions, annual goals and our progress toward their achievement:

Sertoma Centre, Inc. Strategic Directions?

Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Agency Strategic Directions with Goals for Fiscal Year 2012
Established May 2011 Revision September 30, 2011

Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Progress Highlights of Fiscal Year 2012 Goals
December 31, 2011

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