Sertoma Centre Family Support & Advocacy Group

The agency has recently begun a Family Support and Advocacy Group that is open to all current and future family members of Sertoma individuals.  The group has a variety of functions including:
  • To provide support and education to family members.
  • Increase family members’ awareness of the agency’s self advocacy program and other services.
  • Increase awareness of funding issues in the state of Illinois and develop a stronger voice of advocacy for individuals with disabilities.
  • Offer opportunities for the group to support the agency’s mission.
Recent family group activities included members sending personalized notes to legislators asking for support to increase funding for individuals with disabilities and an open discussion about developing new services to meet the needs of individuals in the Developmental Training programs.  We look forward to future meetings and the valuable input and support family members can provide to improve services for individuals at Sertoma.
Anyone interested in learning more about the group should contact Lynn King at (708) 730-6352  or via email at


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