Insite Training Systems is the Employment Services division of Sertoma Centre, assisting individuals to obtain and maintain work in the community.

Individuals with all types of disabilities are working successfully in the workplace through their determination and cooperative effort with our services.

Insite Training Systems has placed more than 1,200 individuals since the late 1970s.

  • Intake
    An individual is referred to Sertoma Centre by the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS counselor). A meeting occurs with our intake coordinator. This is an extensive interview to discover an individual’s vocational interest; what services are needed for success in the community; and an opportunity for the individual to learn about Insite Training Systems. Jointly, the individual and ORS counselor, determine the right program or service.
  • Competitive Employment
    This program is geared toward individuals who will not need extensive support once obtaining employment. The main concentration is developing job-seeking skills and providing minimal support on the job.
  • Supported Employment
    This program serves individuals who are in need of long-term support to maintain success on the job. Services are designed to teach the individual, not only job-seeking skills for the future, but also solid job maintenance and retention skills. Although the competitive and supported programs are different in the level of support given, the journey toward this end follows a similar path.
  • Placement Classes
    Individuals in Competitive Employment are required to attend a 12-hour course to teach such topics as interviewing skills, entry level and advanced work skills, teamwork, communication skills, customer service and much, much, more. Classes in the Supported Employment program are structured from the same curriculum, but are taught continually, so even those who have obtained employment may return for a refresher course.
  • Job Development
    Each individual in every employment program is assigned a job developer who assists the individual in finding work in the community. The job developer will canvass the geographical area where the person wishes to work, actively approach potential employers on behalf of the individual, and if requested, accompany the individual through the interview process.
  • Community Based Assessments (CBA)
    Non-paid “work trials” of actual jobs in the community and may be scheduled at any point during the program. They are open to anyone enrolled in an employment program at Sertoma Centre. Our qualified team members will evaluate the individual during the assessment and provide vital feedback. This specialized program gives the individual a chance to “try out” certain jobs that they may be interested in while also allowing employers the opportunity to observe an individual’s work skills. Approximately 80 percent of CBA’s lead to actual employment opportunities.
  • Support Services
    Once the job is obtained, Competitive Employment participants will receive monthly contracts to ensure success on the job. Also available per the individual’s request, are monthly follow up contacts to employers through either phone calls or site visits. For those enrolled in the Supported Employment program, the support services are long-term and more hands on in order to assist the individual to become acclimated to their new job. Job Coaching services include one-to-one instruction, weekly site visits, hand-over-hand demonstration, and modeling the appropriate work skill.
  • Social Club
    A once-a-month recreational activity open to all individuals enrolled in an employment program at Sertoma Centre. This social event gives individuals the opportunity to form new friendships, discuss work-related issues with peers, and to experience different cultural and community events. Some past club events have included boat rides from Navy Pier, Chicago Cubs and White Sox games, local theater productions, hay rides, and cosmic bowling.
Detailed Program Description


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