Sertoma Centre, Inc. is a community service agency that serves individuals with disabilities. The individuals that work here enjoy meaningful work while earning a paycheck. A majority of this work is provided by the packaging and assembly services that Sertoma Centre offers to local businesses. Contracting with Sertoma Centre, Inc. provides a cost-effective service and improves the independence of hundreds of individuals in our local community.

Sertoma Centre offers a wide array of production services including:

  • Packaging, collating, shrink wrapping
  • Assembly, labeling, gluing
  • Bagging and sleeving, weigh counting
  • Pick- up, delivery
  • Re-work and quality inspection services

Our facilities and equipment include:

  • Air lines through production areas
  • Pneumatic stapling equipment
  • Hot glue systems, shrink tunnels
  • Shanklin semi-automatic multipack machine
  • Drop sealers
  • Paper drilling/folding/collating machines
  • Mailing/envelope stuffing, blister pack machine
  • Forklifts and 2 warehouse docks

Centre, Inc. has experience and an excellent reputation. In operation since 1971, Sertoma offers a variety of production services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee through service, quality control, competitive pricing and quick turnaround times while assuring that all customer specifications and delivery requirements will be met. Whether it’s a small job or a large on-going production, Sertoma Centre is prepared to meet your individual needs.

For pricing information and to learn about the advantages of utilizing Sertoma Centre, Inc., please contact Tim Clemens, Production Manager at (708) 730-6319.


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