Staff members and consumers from the program are available to speak to your organization, agency, community group, school, or club about the following topics (or a combination of these topics):

  • General overview of various types of mental illness, including symptoms and diagnostic criteria
  • The effects of stereotypes, prejudice, and stigma on the lives of individuals with mental illness
  • A personal perspective of what it is like to be diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Resources available for consumers of mental health services and their families and friends
  • The application of a cultural identity model to consumer’s experiences with mental illness
  • “Hearing Voices that are Distressing: A Simulation- Simulates what it is like to experience auditory hallucinations.

We would be happy to discuss the possibility of presenting other related topics that might be of interest to you and are willing to tailor the presentation to specific audiences.

For more information, please contact the Sertoma Centre Mental Health Facility at (708) 748-1951.


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