What services does the Mental Health Services program provide?

What does PSR stand for?

What does a typical day consist of at MHS?

What are the hours of operation for the MHS program?

Who is your major funding source?

How are services paid? How much does the program cost?

Why are MHS participants called consumers and not clients?

How are consumers referred to the Mental Health Program?

What is the admission criterion?

Does Sertoma only serve consumers with a mental health diagnosis? Does the program work with individuals who have a substance abuse disorder or a co-occurring disorder?

What is the geographic catchment area for the Mental Health Services program?

Is transportation provided to the MHS program?

Are meals provided for consumers who attend PSR?

Will the program assist in medication administration and monitoring?

Is the family of the consumer involved in treatment?

Can the MHS program find work for consumers? Is this a vocational program?

Are consumers paid to attend Sertoma?

Is reliable attendance required for consumers? Are consumers required to attend 5 days per week for the entire 25 hours per week?

What is the cognitive level of the consumers who attend the program?

What happens if a consumer wishes to transition to another program within Sertoma such as Insite?

How long does the program last?

What are the qualifications of the staff who work in the MHS program?

What does the name Sertoma mean?

How can I become a part of Sertoma?

What should I bring to an intake appointment once it is scheduled?

Why do I need to bring proof of income for myself and my household?

Where can I access more information on Sertoma Centre?

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