To provide service coordination to assist individuals with disabilities to plan for and evaluate necessary services to ensure a comprehensive array of supports and services to meet the individual’s needs, goals and choices, at home and within the community, within a monthly service cost maximum.



Home Based Support Services (HBS) provides service facilitation, support planning and supports to individuals to prevent or delay out of home residential services. Individuals and families choose from an array of services that include needs assessment for services, day programs, direct services provided by domestic or agency employees as well as a variety of therapy and other services, such as adaptive equipment. Home Based Support Services are tailored to meet individuals’ evolving needs and preferences for supports, while maintaining their current residence.



1. Must be between the ages of 3 and 21.

2. Must be a resident of Illinois, living in Illinois.

3. Must have a developmental disability; other disabilities may be present.

4. Be assessed as eligible for ICF/MR level of care.

5. Meet Medicaid eligibility criteria and have funding approved prior to starting services.

6. Agree to Rule 120 guidelines.

7. Agree to participate in the development and implementation of their individual service plan.



1. Opportunities to transition to other programs/services are available based upon the individual’s need, preferences, choices and program criteria as indicated in each individual program description.

2. Options can be discussed during the Individual Service Plan meeting or a special meeting may be convened at other times as needed.

3. Refer to the Program Accessibility Chart for programs/services availability for persons 18 years old and up.



1. The individual and/or guardian choose to terminate services.

2. Funding is terminated (fails to meet eligibility requirements, does not supply needed information to complete the eligibility redeterminations, cannot meet per capita cost limitations, etc.)

3. Consult with ISSA has occurred and ISSA concurs.




Population served: Illinois residents with developmental disabilities 3-21 years of age who qualify for Medicaid Children’s Home Based Support Services.


Settings: Services are provided in the home of the individual and in the community.


Hours/Days of Service: Sunday through Saturday at times convenient for individual/family.


Frequency of Service:

1. Minimum of four hours of communication required with individual per month.

2. Six visits per year to individual. Visits occur in the family home.

3. Communication as needed with the individual and guardian.


Payer Source: DHS/DDD


Fees: There are no fees. Medicaid funding and rate structures are established by DHS.


Referral Sources: Self-referral, Illinois Department of Human Services, families, service coordination agencies


SERVICES: Individuals enrolled in HBSS may choose from include the following services and supports, not to exceed the monthly maximum funding allotted.


*Service Facilitation

Personal Support

+Behavior Intervention

Training for Unpaid Caregivers

Adaptive Equipment and Technology

Home Accessibility Modifications

Vehicle Modifications


Temporary Assistance


*available through Sertoma Centre, Inc.

+ contracted services available through Sertoma Centre, Inc.






PD HBS Children PDF


October 22, 2013


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