According to strategic planners and business writers, a mission statement should immediately be self explanatory and easy for everyone to understand. At the same time, the English language is not quite so simple. Words mean different things to people based on their own experiences. Take the word “success” – when you ask a six-year-old the meaning of success, it may be described in terms of play, school, sports, and getting along with their sibling. Ask a business owner the same question, and the answer may be stated in the bottom line; survival in any economy, perhaps high-priced items or the high cost of dreams. For someone in the entertainment industry, success may come in the form of an Oscar or an Emmy.

For individuals with developmental, physical, emotional disabilities and/or mental illness, personal success takes on a myriad of other descriptions. For some, that may be nothing more than coming to Sertoma Centre each day and being able to complete one piece of work in the workshop. For others, it may be learning how to obtain and keep a job in the community – including writing a resume and interviewing well enough to convince an employer that they are capable. For those with mental illness, it is staying healthy enough to avoid a return trip to the hospital or staying on necessary medications.

One might even guess that, here at Sertoma Centre, people work much harder to achieve their own successes and could quite possibly be even more proud of their accomplishments than words can describe.

At Sertoma Centre, our mission is to provide opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve personal success.

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