Sertoma’s Autism Services focuses on three main areas for individuals on the autism spectrum: skills needed for daily living, job skills, and skills to help them comfortably integrate into the community. In this highly structured program, individuals have initiated paper and bottle recycling programs, a greeting card business and a button company. The individuals in Autism also do production work for local businesses, including Sertoma Centre’s Advancement Department mailings. This newsletter you are reading was labeled by the consumers in Autism Services.
Intake for the Autism Program is on the rise and expansion is necessary to support the needs anticipated over the next five years. A construction project is underway which will allow additional space for a workshop area to provide the next step for consumers as they transition into Developmental Training.
The expansion will also provide much needed space for the various activities and classes conducted weekly. These classes include: cooking, sign language, money math, reading and comprehension, communication with staff, understanding dates and weather, grocery shopping, and exercise.
Great success can be achieved by developing both social and communications skills as well as community integration. For example, Arnell Arellano has made great progress since he transferred into the Autism Program. As his skills expanded, his confidence grew and he has now assumed the role of leader in his consumer group. Arnell will be one of the first consumers to participate in the Transitions Program where he may eventually mainstream into Developmental Training. Arnell helps other consumers learn to use sign language and is highly skilled in making buttons. If you would like to learn more about Autism Services, please contact James Marshall, Operations Supervisor, at 708-730-6213 or If you would like to donate to this program, please contact Amy Chmura at 708-730-6206 or
Detailed Program Description

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