To BRIDGE consumers from day program to the community.

The BRIDGE program is a unique program which provides opportunities for adults with severe to profound developmental disabilities and for our seniors population aged 50 and older.   The program provides individual choice as consumers’ bridge from day programming to the community.
Some activities include:
  • Daily living and functional skills
  • Accomplishing personal goals
  • Community integration with peers with staff support
  • Socialization and physical care for young and older adults
  • Recreational group activities including: cooking, music, arts and crafts and other   meaningful activities
*Individuals in the BRIDGE program receive an increased level of support to assist with personal care needs.
BRIDGE Program:
B – Boundless
R – Recreation
I – Integration
D – Determination
G – Growth
E – Empowerment
For more information regarding the BRIDGE program please contact Lynn King, Consumer Support Services Coordinator at 708-730-6352 or
Detailed Program Description

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