Services provided by Insite Training Systems, a division of Sertoma Centre, Inc.

The Edge Employee Development
Services Program is an innovative and individualized service that develops skilled employees through a diversified, time-limited and accessible transitional training program. Edge assists persons seeking employment to develop or reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, and work behaviors to achieve positive employment outcomes. Edge is targeted to both students who are transitioning from special education to adult services and to adults who need to develop skills necessary in obtaining competitive employment.

Edge provides assessment of employability and develops employment skills to assist individuals to participate fully in their communities. Students experience volunteer work and job exploration while being taught work related job skills, computer skills, resume building and interviewing. Graduates enter the work force with a working portfolio, self-inventory profile, and interviewing experience and skills. Services are provided to adolescents and adults with a disability.

Services and supports provided to address:

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Grooming and hygiene
  • Job-seeking skills (interviewing, completing applications, using
    job-finding resources
  • Work related community skills (time & money management, transportation training)
  • Functional literacy skills
  • Knowledge of work practices (insurance, benefits, safety)
  • Work related communication & interpersonal skills (anger management, conflict resolution)
  • Work ethics
  • Work culture (chain of command, work relationships, grievance procedures)

To learn more about Edge Employee Development Services program
contact Jason Clark at (708) 730-6265 or jclark@sertomacentre.org.

Giving Individuals the leading Edge in obtaining employment.

Detailed Program Description

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  1. amie hibbler says:

    try it get a application for sertoma for you job – training

    • Ericka Moore says:

      Hi, Amie. Thank you for your interest in Sertoma Centre, Inc. Please click the “Job Opportunities” button on our main website page to view current openings and/or to complete an application. Good luck on your job search at Sertoma Centre!

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