Some of our wonderful volunteers!

Submitted by Laura Gardner, Holiday Bazaar Head Elf

I could not let this opportunity go by without thanking everyone for making the Holiday Bazaar such a success.  So many people were involved in creating this wonderful event and I would be remiss not to mention them.

First and foremost I have to thank our Volunteers for whom without you, the Holiday Bazaar would not have been possible.  There were over 25 volunteers that came together that day who put on a marvelous event.  Family, friends, co-workers new and old and even a few high schoolers and one middle school student volunteered in any and every capacity you could think of to create a successful event.

To all our customers who shopped and supported our vendors and programs, thank you for choosing the Holiday Bazaar as one of your shopping destinations this year.

I would also like to thank our Janitorial crew at Sertoma who do a
marvelous job every day, but really helped us out with set up and take down and everything in between.

A big thank you to the transportation department for bringing over consumers from 127th street and Matteson to enjoy shopping at the Bazaar.

Thank you to the 123rd street consumers as they gave up their lunchroom for the day.

We appreciated all the help the team from Good as New provided with set-up and moving the Bazaar materials to the second floor!

Also a HUGE thank you to all our vendors who created and tinkered and glue gunned and crafted to make such lovely gifts for all to buy.  We hope to see more in house vendors next year.  A huge “WAY TO GO” to all our gift wrapping elves, especially from PepsiCo and our community who wrapped all gifts purchased at the Bazaar for FREE.

And of course to all the staff, family and friends who donated gift wrap, tissue paper, holiday bags, tape, ribbon, decorative boxes, craft items, Good as New items, and of course baked goods (YUM) a super duper colossal THANK YOU!! I keep asking and you keep delivering—your generosity is AMAZING!

I would also like to thank my wonderful Advancement team mates for keeping me sane and for all you did to help pull this Bazaar together:  from creating crafts at Good as New, to making beautiful signs, to hanging decorations in stocking feet – you all make my job a wonderful thing to treasure!  Thank you again to everyone who helped make the Winter Wonderland Holiday Bazaar such a phenomenal success!

With much gratitude,
Laura Gardner
Holiday Bazaar Head Elf

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