Sertoma Centre celebrates our four-legged friends each year with Bring Your Dog to Work Day.   As part of our special day, Bill Downs and his CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) service dog Garrison demonstrated several of the 40 commands Garrison can perform.



Left to right; Bill Downs, Garrison, Fennel, Tom Dornback

Tom Dornback, a volunteer puppy raiser brought his puppy, Fennel to explain the 18 month process of raising puppies. Tom shared how much he enjoys training puppies like Fennel to someday be a canine companion for someone with a disability.  Training service dogs like Garrison and Fennel can create life-changing independence for a person with a disability.



Turning on the light

Consumers and staff were amazed by the types of tasks these dogs are able to perform like; turning on the light switch, pulling a wheelchair, opening a door or picking something  up off the floor. Even more astounding, is the amount of time and training that goes into raising the 4 different types of assistance dogs: Service, Hearing, Facility and Skilled Companions.




Canine Companions for Independence is non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. If you are interested in volunteering, raising a puppy, making a donation or applying for a puppy go to or call 1/800-572-BARK.

Thank you to Bill, Tom, Garrison and Fennel for making our day and also to Jean Henry the volunteer coordinator from Canine Companions International, who coordinated the presentations for Sertoma Centre, Inc.


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